Next Binding of Isaac DLC features mod support

Although The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth definitely doesn't have any longevity problems, and you are unlikely to have seen all of what the game has to offer; if on the off chance you are worried that Rebirth will run dry, do not fear! The next DLC for the endless rouge-like promises even more content than previous DLC Afterbirth offered.

It's called Afterbirth †. Like any Isaac DLC, it will feature brand new enemies, items and bosses, but perhaps the biggest additional of all is the new modding tools.

These tools comes with a room editor, an animation editor, and full Lua support, which means you can "create new enemies, items and effects and make a whole new Isaac or-hell, even an entirely new game that ISN'T Isaac".

Next Binding of Isaac DLC features mod support

So there you have it, Rebirth has no chance of running dry of content now that modders will be getting their hands on mod tools. No release date or price has been announced yet.