Rocket League getting winter games event

Starting December 14th, Rocket League will be transformed into a winter wonderland! The previously announced hockey-inspired mutator mode will be getting replaced by "Snow Day". Not only will there be a gigantic puck flying around the pitch - there will also be various new Christmas-themed items.

Rocket League getting winter games event

Here are all the new items included in the Winter event:

• “Xmas” Rocket Trail
• “Blitzen” Topper
• “Christmas Tree” Topper
• “Sad Sapling” Topper
• “Santa” Topper
• “Candy Cane” Antenna
• “Holiday Gift” Antenna

All the above items can be unlocked simply by playing matches, whether you lose or not. You will have until January 4th to unlock the items to keep forever before they will be whisked away till next Christmas. The previously announced "Chaos Run" DLC will be releasing week on December 1st. Happy holidays!