40-player mode announced for Star Wars Battlefront

DICE announced today that Star Wars Battlefront would be getting a new 40-player gamemode as part of the Battle Of Jakku expansion pack. The DLC will not only include new gamemode Turning Point, it will also feature two new maps.

40-player mode announced for Star Wars Battlefront

In Turning Point the Rebels must seek out three controls points that are controlled by the Imperials and try to capture them. Each post that is captured adds additional match time and also spawns a new control points on the map. The goal of this mode is to reach the Empire's base "where the final stand will take place".

The action is primarily focused on infantry combat, but there will also be some vehicles included. Airspeeders and AT-STs have both been confirmed. The Battle of Jakku will be going on all around you. With lasers firing across the map, debris falling down on top of you, and even a Super Star Destroyer will come crashing down during the final round.

The Battle of Jakku DLC includes two new maps; Graveyard of Glants and Goazan Badalands and will be avaliable December 1st for those that pre-ordered and December 8th for those that didn't.