Fallout 4 Breaks Steam Concurrent User Records

Fallout 4 being one of the most anticipated releases of 2015, it came as no surprise that it amassed more than 290,000 concurrent players shortly after its release.

Earlier, at roughly 18:00 GMT/10:00AM PT Fallout 4 topped the current record of 360,000 players held by Rockstar's GTA V.

According to Steam Charts Fallout 4 currently stands at 420,000 concurrent players, beating both Black Ops 3 at 40,000 and Team Fortress 2 at 55,000.

Fallout 4 Breaks Steam Concurrent User Records

Will Fallout 4 be able to top Valve's own Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2? Regardless, 420,000 concurrent players on release day is very impressive for a game that was announced only 4 months ago at E3 2015.