Stat tracking? BF3 open beta statistics show flaws in the system.

UPDATE A tweet by Ian Tornay, Community Manager at for EA Games, explained via his Twitter that the longest headshot statistic is for Operation Metro only. It would be interesting to note if that was the only statistic taken from that map, or if others were similar. Considering Operation Metro's size (The playable area in the first zone is around 520m at it's longest point), this is a huge feat, and congrats go out to the man who shot it.

Full of various usage statistics, including shots fired and total kills, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta stats image is a decent insight into what went on during the problem filled Open Beta. While not as comprehensive as similar images from other games, it does go to paint a pretty picture for one of this years most anticipated games:

Stat tracking? BF3 open beta statistics show flaws in the system.

But it's not all peaches and cream. The image shows a flaw that was present while statistics were being accumulated, in that the sniper distance of 635.6 metres was not just beaten, it was hammered... time and time again. Various reports and videos show huge sniping distances, including a handful of 900m+ ones.

So what went wrong? You could argue that many of these might have been recorded during Battlelog (DICE's stat tracking and social networking site) downtimes, and while that might be feasible, it is believed that when Battlelog was down, so were the PC servers. Another argument could be that they weren't including Caspian Border statistics, in which case what is the point of a faulty statistics image?

It's more likely that there is some flaw within the statistic tracking system that was implemented during the Beta, a flaw we here at HookedGamers hope doesn't make it through to release. Considering the size of the Beta (Bigger even than World of Warcrafts), Battlefield 3 is looking to be huge. Enjoy some sniper gameplay of some of the longest shots of the beta and we'll see you all at launch.