Heroes of Ruin

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Heroes of Ruin


Having fun hacking and slashing

Choose Your Hero

Need a new fantasy action game for your 3DS? Heroes of Ruin is an action-adventure RPG game in development by n-Space and produced by Square Enix.

In Heroes of Ruin, you take control of one of four mercenaries who are looking for a cure for the leader of the city of Nexus. One of the Lords who is the ruler of the city, Ataraxix has been cursed and the mercenaries are set on an adventure to find out why the evil deed was done and who did it. And, since mercenaries are rarely motivated by curiosity alone, there is also a reward for anyone who finds the cure.

Each character class has their own strengths and weaknesses and is able to learn their own unique powers. You can do minor tweaks on each character such as change the hairstyle, tattoos, and the color of the characters but everything else is pretty much the same. One is a Vindicator who looks like a massive wolf or lion wielding a big sword. There’s a Gunslinger who carries pistols and bombs, the Architect with spell-casting abilities, and the Savage who is strong, and only gets stronger when low on health.

Start Your Adventure

Like many RPGs, there are dungeons and quests. However, in Heroes of Ruin, quest levels are different every time. The dungeons are random every time a player comes back. The enemies will be in different spots, and the layout will be different. This variety is intended to offer players something new each time when they are looking for extra money or leveling up. It also gives the game replay value so that you’re not in the same place every time you play. The combat system is pretty much the same as in other RPGs in terms of the hack-and-slash component.

Heroes of Ruin also uses the 3DS’s Street Pass function to allow players to give money to each other. This feature is called Trader’s Network. The stuff you sell in the market of your game will be shown in another player's market when you pass another 3DS player. There will also be many unique items and equipment available for each class. When you stand by an item on the floor, the game will show a comparison between a currently wielded item, and the one for sale. This is certainly helpful when your inventory is full and you don't want to buy new items only to find them to be inferior to what you already have.

The game also professes a drop-in/drop-out multiplayer feature (with Wi-Fi or local network) that allows you to communicate through the built-in mic. This allows you to talk to your friends while creeping through a dungeon and it will make it so much easier to swap things. One of the great features the multiplayer feature has, is that it allows you to pause and leave your game for a moment without disrupting the game for others. We’ve all been there: playing online when something happens in the real world that needs your attention. In Heroes of Ruin, when you pause your game, the enemies will focus their attention on other players and the difficulty will automatically drop since there is one less player in the action.

Online Goodies

The game also offers an online hub that has all the information about your adventure. It is also a place where you can download “Daily Challenges”, the specifics of which are unclear at this point. Players will log into the Heroes of Ruin website to check out the challenges set out for the week. When you complete them, you’ll unlock new content for the game or stuff on the website. On paper, this seems like a great little addition to increase the longevity of this title.

Heroes of Ruin looks to be a fun hack-and-slash console game stuffed into a portable 3DS game. It should have lots of replay value that will make you want to keep coming back to it.