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Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:17 am

Share some feelings about your favorite game

Postby powerdog » Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:30 am

I have been playing DC II since 4 weeks ago. I found this game at Powerdogggames incident accidently. When first logged in the game, I was surprised by those fantastic pictures and vivid characters. Actually the type of the game is not what I am interested in because I think playing an online RPG game wastes so much time. But after several-minutes playing, I felt that I was lost in the game. In the game, my level ups so fast. I reached level 20 in a very short time. But I should say that it is a little difficult for me, a non-paying player, to continue my adventure smoothly.
Since I have so many time to play the game, I found my action points was run out easily. And it is difficult for me to defeat those bosses at Heroic Instance. But things have changed since I found the Combination function, lol. After I combined all my adventure equipments into kingdom ones, I can finish my main quests faster then before. I lost myself to battle for those crafting things drop from previous maps, so I can use them to upgrade my equipments. Even it is a little dull to do the same battle time and time again, but it feels great when I craft all my weapons!
Anyway, I think this game is a good one. It won’t take me so much time to fight for my level. Also, I don’t need to use money to buy powerful weapon for defeating my foes, I can have my own pace in the game. It is worth to be recommended.

Hope you will like the game the same with me !If you don't like it ,Please introduce what is your favorite game ?And share your feelings!

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