Fallout: New Vegas "Lonesome Road" DLC Delayed

Bethesda announced earlier today that Fallout: New Vegas' upcoming DLC "Lonesome Road" would be delayed by a few months.

The announcement was made through the Bethesda Blog and the delay is apparently due to "circumstances out of our control".

Those of you with keen eyes may have noticed, or caught on, that the DLC was originally supposed to release in July but has now been pushed back to September. No hard date within the ninth month of our calendar year was made specific but I'm sure once we approach the end of August it'll turn up.

Lonesome Road will cost you $10 when it is released and will feature Courier Six who will task you with going into the Divide to deliver a package. It will tie up some loose ends from the beginning of New Vegas.

Bethesda felt bad enough about delaying the DLC they went ahead a released a new screenshot from it, see it below.

Fallout: New Vegas 'Lonesome Road' DLC Delayed