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Mordheim: City of the Damned

New screenshots added

Train Simulator 2015 will be a free upgrade for owners of 2014

But you'll have to buy the new content separately

Third Eye Crime infiltrates Steam

The mobile stealth/puzzle game debuts on PC

Assassin's Creed Unity gets shiny new tech demo

Ubisoft pimps the new technology powering the latest installment of the action series

Play as Red Hood with Batman: Arkham Knight's Gamestop pre-order bonus

You can pre-order the game at Gamestop to get this exclusive story pack

Dragon Age Inquisition has ALSO been delayed...by a month

Bioware's epic RPG will be released later than expected

Battlefield Hardline delayed until 2015

Delay will allow developers to "ensure Hardline is the best, most innovative Battlefield experience."

Areal, A Real Mess

Kickstarter project Areal now suspended

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