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Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within trailer pays tribute to the Masters of the Force

New table focuses on Jedi Masters

Lords of the Fallen basically looks like Dark Souls (in a good way)

Gamers Day trailer showcases the joy of dying

Creators of Tekken, SoulCalibur announce Rise of Incarnates

Bandai Namco Games reveal a new free-to-play fighting game

Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay trailer teases many details

A first real gameplay trailer for Bioware's epic RPG

Bound by Flame

New screenshots added

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Delayed!

Those eager to step back into the life and times of Tex Murphy have 2 more weeks to wait

30 minutes of super-sentai Chroma Squad

It's not 'morphin' time', for legal reasons

Brutal Doom to get brutal-er

As if you needed another reason to use the shotgun

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