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Hooked Gamers - frontline of pc gaming

30 minutes of super-sentai Chroma Squad

It's not 'morphin' time', for legal reasons

Brutal Doom to get brutal-er

As if you needed another reason to use the shotgun

Minimum Announced By Atari

Coming to Steam's Early Access "this Spring"

0rbitalis now available on Steam Early Access

You can now try out an early version of the crazy puzzler

Van Helsing II gets Steam pre-orders, new trailer, and a twich.tv stream!

Ready to sink your fangs into the action-RPG sequel?

Alien: Isolation dev diary goes old school

The Creative Assembly talks about the game's "Low Fi Sci Fi" aesthetic

Styx: Master of Shadows

New screenshots added

Heart Forth, Alicia hits kickstarter after seven years of development

Will this beautifully illustrated Metroidvania RPG be successfully funded?

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